Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Mystery We Write" Holiday Blog Tour, November 26-December 11, 2012

I'll be appearing at the following blog tour sites. Click on each name to access their blog sites:

Nov. 26: Marilyn Meredith:

Nov. 27:  Rionaa Morgan

Nov, 28: Larissa Reinhart:

Nov. 29: Earl Staggs:

Nov. 30:  Anne K. Albert

Dec. 1:  S.R. Claridge

Dec. 2: Evelyn Cullet

Dec. 3: No author

Dec. 4: Wendy Gager

Dec, 5: Patricia Gligor

Dec. 6:  M.M. Gornell

Dec. 7: Madison Johns

Dec. 8:  Collin Kelley

Dec. 9: Jean Lauzier

Dec. 10: Joyce Laverne

Dec. 11: Wrap-up. Books to be awarded

The following mystery writers are to appear at my blog site, Mysterious Writers:

Nov. 26: Joyce Laverne

Nov. 27:  Jean Lauzier

Nov. 28: Colllin Kelley

Nov. 29: Madison Johns

Nov. 30: M. M. Gornell

Dec. 1: Patricia Gligor

Dec.2: Wendy Gager

Dec. 3: No Author 

Dec. 4: Evelyn Cullet

Dec. 5: S.R. Claridge

Dec. 6: Anne K. Albert

Dec. 7: Earl Staggs

 Dec. 8: Larissa Reinhart

Dec. 9: Rionaa Morgan

Dec. 10: Marilyn Maredith

Dec. 11 : Book prizes awarded

We look forward to seeing you along the tour. :)


  1. Jean,
    I'm looking forward to participating in the Mystery We Write Blog Tour. See ya soon!

  2. This is going to be so much fun. I'm really looking forward to it!

    All the Best,