Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Mystery We Write" Holiday Blog Tour, November 26-December 11, 2012

I'll be appearing at the following blog tour sites. Click on each name to access their blog sites:

Nov. 26: Marilyn Meredith:

Nov. 27:  Rionaa Morgan

Nov, 28: Larissa Reinhart:

Nov. 29: Earl Staggs:

Nov. 30:  Anne K. Albert

Dec. 1:  S.R. Claridge

Dec. 2: Evelyn Cullet

Dec. 3: No author

Dec. 4: Wendy Gager

Dec, 5: Patricia Gligor

Dec. 6:  M.M. Gornell

Dec. 7: Madison Johns

Dec. 8:  Collin Kelley

Dec. 9: Jean Lauzier

Dec. 10: Joyce Laverne

Dec. 11: Wrap-up. Books to be awarded

The following mystery writers are to appear at my blog site, Mysterious Writers:

Nov. 26: Joyce Laverne

Nov. 27:  Jean Lauzier

Nov. 28: Colllin Kelley

Nov. 29: Madison Johns

Nov. 30: M. M. Gornell

Dec. 1: Patricia Gligor

Dec.2: Wendy Gager

Dec. 3: No Author 

Dec. 4: Evelyn Cullet

Dec. 5: S.R. Claridge

Dec. 6: Anne K. Albert

Dec. 7: Earl Staggs

 Dec. 8: Larissa Reinhart

Dec. 9: Rionaa Morgan

Dec. 10: Marilyn Maredith

Dec. 11 : Book prizes awarded

We look forward to seeing you along the tour. :)